Kia Unveils All-New All-Electric EV3 Concept

November 24th, 2023 by


Kia recently unveiled concept work for an all-new, all-electric crossover SUV called the Kia EV3. The South Korean automaker revealed its latest concept at its EV Day event in October. There, Kia showcased a futuristic-looking SUV that will likely join Kia’s other EVs like the EV6 and EV9. As of late, Kia has been focusing its attention on electric vehicles. The automaker has been steadily building up its EV lineup with the goal of transitioning toward an electric future. The latest EV3 concept further demonstrates Kia’s goal to offer reliable and functional electric vehicles. Since the Kia EV3 is still relatively new, there’s not much information about the new crossover SUV, but for now, we’ll see what consumers can expect. 

Kia Showcases New EV3 Concept

Kia recently unveiled an all-new concept SUV called the Kia EV3. The all-electric concept SUV debuted at Kia’s EV Day Event in October (2023). There, consumers got a firsthand look at the South Korean automaker’s latest EV. Looking at the EV3, Kia’s vision seemed to be to create a futuristic crossover SUV with sustainable materials. Up front, the EV3 features LED headlights that complement the SUV’s upright design. Additionally, the front grille features several lines and creases that accentuate blacked-out A-pillars. These pillars sit between the windshield and front-side windows giving the EV3 a sporty look. At the rear, a black bar blends into the rear-side windows all the way into the rear hatch. Prominent LED taillights are accompanied by a large rooftop spoiler.

In styling the interior of the EV3, Kia said that its designers aimed to create an airy and natural interior cabin. Looking at the natural colors and materials throughout, it seems that Kia got its organic aesthetic right. Open and wide, the cabin features woven textiles made from sustainable fibers for the upholstery. According to Kia, these fibers were made using the automaker’s 3D knit technology which improves production efficiency and eliminates waste fabric. Given the shift towards electric vehicles, it makes sense for automakers to aim for natural and organic materials that help reinforce sustainability. As such, the Kia EV3 features a center console that was created using Mycelium which is derived from mushroom roots.

As far as performance specifications go, since the Kia EV3 was only revealed as a concept, we are uncertain what to expect. Still, we do have some expectations that may hit the mark. For one, we believe the EV3 may utilize a similar platform used by other EVs like the EV6. Automakers have been sharing platforms for EV production so this is a likely platform that could underpin the EV3. Since the crossover SUV is smaller than the EV6, it will also likely be offered with a more affordable price tag. As we mentioned, specifications are unclear, but consumers can expect up to 300 miles of charge. For now, we’ll be staying tuned for more information.


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