Kia Eyes New Hybrid Models

April 26th, 2024 by


Kia is planning on releasing several new hybrid models over the next few years. The South Korean automaker has been steadily releasing highly capable and versatile electric vehicles like the Kia EV6 and EV9. Although these models have been received fairly well, Kia, like many other automakers, is reevaluating its stance on EVs. Due to the dwindling demand for fully electric vehicles, the automaker is planning on producing more hybrids which offer consumers the best of both worlds. Hybrids like the Kia Niro, Sportage, and Sorento all prove to be highly capable with their gasoline engine and battery setup. They are also available with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) setup which favors the electric battery over the gasoline engine. Kia recently commented on its plans for its future lineup so we’ll take a look at the automaker’s statement and see what consumers can expect.

Kia To Produce More Hybrids By 2028

Kia is planning on investing in its hybrid lineup. The South Korean automaker has built up its electric lineup offering EVs like the Kia EV6 and EV9. An all-new EV3 is supposedly in the works as well which may be a new electric SUV. Despite the strong line of EVs, given the recent decrease in demand for electric vehicles, Kia is diverting its interests. Initially, Kia had wanted to offer more electric vehicles but having seen the dwindling demand, the automaker is eyeing more hybrid models. As EVs struggle to gain traction, hybrid models may be the perfect blend between being environmentally friendly and efficient. Offered as either a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid, Kia’s models like the Sportage and Sorento provide consumers with a reliable vehicle that can make use of both an internal combustion engine and an electric battery. About its plans to produce more hybrids, Kia CEO Ho Sung Song said,

“To respond agilely to changes in the market environment, Kia will secure maximum flexibility in its line-up operation. Kia plans to strengthen its hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) line-up from six models in 2024 to nine models by 2028, with HEV powertrain options offered for most of the brand’s major models,” said Ho Sung Song.

Although Kia is shifting its plans in terms of its lineup, electric vehicles are not going anywhere. The South Korean automaker commented further that it will launch 6 new EVs by 2026. The first will be the upcoming EV3 which initially started as a concept SUV. Kia has what it takes to produce both an effective EV and an effective hybrid. While demand has declined, offering more affordable EVs may be the way to close the gap between ICE models and EVs. We’ll have to stay tuned for more information, but for now, consumers can expect both new EVs and hybrids from Kia. 


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